You can buy the tickets over the counter through our agents Linneas Tobak, Axeline & Sjöberg and Centralen (the bus depot). In the meantime, do not forget to buy something from our gift-shop.

At the Jönköpings Södra offices, we only manage season tickets.


  • Free: Children under 8 years of age, allowed a standing spot in the presence of an adult*.
  • Youth pricing: ages 8-16 fall under the category ”Standing, youth”.
  • Discounts: All single game tickets bought online (through are awarded a 20 SEK discount. Single game tickets purchased through our agents are awarded a 10 SEK discount.
  • Special pricing: We have discounted tickets for students and retirees. However, the discount is only viable for tickets in category ” Standing”.


Ticket category Pris
Standing, adult 150 SEK
Standing, youth/student/retiree 100 SEK
Sitting, category A 300 SEK
Sitting, category B 200 SEK
Handicap/limited mobility** 150 SEK

*Rights reserved in the event of the game being sold out.
**Including attendant.