Jönköpings Södra IF

J-Södra was founded the 9th of December 1922. The very first football game was played the following year at Hagavallen against IF Hagapojkarna. The game, which was played in an eight versus eight format due to the pitch not being large enough, was won by J-Södra, 3-2.

Back in 1933, the association had grown and developed, managing to win the Småland division, advancing to division 3 where a respectable 8th place was achieved.

After losing the two following games versus the local competitor IK Tord, J-Södra managed to beat Tord, 1-0, in 1935 with Erik Augustsson scoring on a penalty. J-Södra finished the season in 5th place which resulted in associations’ first experience of international football, playing Austrian team SC Libertas, with the game ending 8-0 in the favor of the Vienna based team.

In 1945, J-Södra became the first team from Småland to ever to play in Allsvenskan after managing to win every game played in Division 2. During the 1945 season, one of Allsvenskans greatest goal scorers of all time, Carl ”Timpa” Simonsson, scored 50 of the team’s 92 goals. The seasons of 1949-50, is still today the most successful in the history of the club, finishing second overall in Allsvenskan.

Following the successful season of 1945, the club experienced decades of mixed results, plummeting as low as Division 4 during the early 90’s, before returning to Superettan, the second highest flight of Swedish football, in 2005 and to Allsvenskan ten years later.