The Jönköpings Södra brand is stronger than ever. The reasons for that is something we are very proud of. The club has since 2006 been part of the Swedish elite football sphere, a sentiment which only got stronger with the advancement to Allsvenskan in 2015. We are equally proud of every team within our association, which also is an integral part of our brand.

Our youth operations has developed strongly during recent years, resulting in the SEF(Swedish Elite Football)-certificate, which gives us the rights to call ourselves a youth academy. The academy might educate football players, but we also emphasize social responsibility in order to contribute to children’s and youngster’s personal development.  Throughout the multiple teams, ranging from our elite team to the youngest ages, there are a lot of players from the Jönköping region and countryside, which is why we proudly call ourselves ”Bygdens lag”, meaning ”the countryside’s team”.

The strong local connection and the increased national attention revolving Jönköpings Södra creates a rewarding and commercial environment for our partners.  

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  • The vision of Jönköpings Södra IF is to become Swedish Champions.
  • J-Södra is to establish itself as a top team in Allsvenskan with the ultimate goal of becoming Swedish Champions.
  • J-Södra shall dispose of a stadium which creates favorable opportunities and conditions for sporting entertainment and sporting arrangements.
  • J-Södra shall represent social responsibility and support the personal development of youth.
  • J-Södra shall be a hub for development of regional football talent.

From an economical standpoint, the associations’ most important partner is the Jönköping business community.
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